Workers’ Comp Documentation

Improving clinical processes and outcomes while reducing costs.

Reduce administrative burden and improve outcomes

At PhyPal, we understand the complexity of Workers’ Compensation documentation and authorization process for Specialists. Every patient encounter involves a range of necessary tasks and data entry, data collection, splitting your time, and increasing needs like staffing. That’s why our systems work to minimize your administrative burden, giving you more time to focus on your patient outcomes.

Monthly Time Saved For Physician (hours)

Monthly Time Saved For Staff (hours)

Treatment Authorization Ratings

Patient Satisfaction Ratings

Saving time before, during, and after appointments

Our applications allow you to collect information from the patient before the appointment, streamline information from the appointment, including order and referrals, and implement an easy-to-understand treatment plan.

Making home exercises easy and accessible

With PhyPal, your patients will no longer have to struggle to remember the many steps of their home exercise plans (HEP). Our system provides patients with an easy to understand program that helps them through the exercises step by step. Through this, you can increase compliance and, in turn, improve outcomes.

Take the work out of orders and authorizations

With PhyPal, requests for authorization and referrals become a breeze. We turn this sometimes complicated process into a matter of a few clicks, optimizing your resources while helping your patients get the treatment they need.

Language shouldn’t be a barrier to treatment

Our digital health solutions are also available to patients in Spanish. Additionally, our AI Powered translation service has built-in options for a virtual interpreter to assist the patient so that both parties can communicate the right things at the right time, ensuring better treatment.

Take the first step towards reducing your administrative burden.

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