Optimizing Patient and Physician Interactions

Result is improved clinical processes, reduced costs, and better outcomes.

Reduce administrative burden and improve outcomes

At PhyPal, we understand that every patient encounter involves a range of necessary tasks and data entry, data collection, splitting your time, and increasing needs like staffing. That’s why our systems work to minimize your administrative burden, giving you more time to focus on patient outcomes.

Monthly Time Saved For Physician (hours)

Monthly Time Saved For Staff (hours)

Average Additional Annual Revenue ($)

Patient Satisfaction Ratings (%)

Saving time before, during, and after appointments

Our applications allow you to collect information from the patient before the appointment, streamline information from the appointment, including order and referrals, and implement an easy-to-understand treatment plan.

Automating your clinic workflow to reduce the administrative burden

Our digital health solutions enhance patient experience and enable clinics to become high-performing organizations. PhyPal helps clear the unnecessary clutter out of your practice workflow, condensing the many branches into one streamlined process.

Transitioning from fee-based to value-based care initiatives

PhyPal will help your practice choose, track, optimize, and submit MIPS performance measures. We also design customized solutions to track the quality of outcomes, cost of outcomes, process improvements, and advancing care information initiatives for